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Monday, November 22, 2010

Insider Information of SHINee

this post gonna be my longest post ever.
but if you're truly shawol, just read it. you can know more rite about SHINee now.
ok, i hate this topics !!
idk, whether this is rumors or not.
but I'm afraid if it's become true T_T


key is trying to leave shinee rn, but the first one to leave will be jonghyun
he will absolutely leave sometime before this day next year,
probably late spring 2011 though
once he leaves that will pretty much seal shinee’s fate and they won’t do group activities anymore
and there is a good reason they’re not letting key leave so easily, even though they did minimize his singing, and if shinee releases anything again before jonghyun leaves then he will probably only get the chorus
idk why i’m being so nice sharing this info with the rude shinee fans of this meme but hey

and idgaf if you dont believe me because time will reveal it all anyway

jonghyun’s potential solo career isn’t about relevance
actually it has more to do with politics inside the company, trust me it’s boring, but they are already putting the plan in motion for yanking him out
let me just put it this way, not every artist or group or sub unit is formed because they think it is going to sell well with the general public. i know you wont believe this but it is true, there’s a whole other side that the public doesnt know
i don’t know jonghyun personally ofc so i don’t know if he’s happy/sad about it but i know he knows about it…unfortunately that’s just a formality and he wouldn’t have a choice. his other option is to leave sme
as for key, the reason why he can’t leave that isn’t based on his personal life (no it has nothing to do with sexuality) is because that would be putting an end to his career. no other entertainment company would want him and he would be blacklisted from the media by sme. as for why he would be blacklisted, you can guess.

if i wanted to get back at “them” i would put myself and others in a huge potential for trouble and easily ruin their careers and life?
makes little sense
if you cannot put effort into connecting the dots, then you don’t care enough
anyway i have nothing to do, because i don’t have a life, so here:
the first thing you have to do is get rid of the idea that the artists have any freedom whatsoever. if jonghyun wanted to be a composer, so what, he might as well have wanted to be a brain surgeon
i know of a few specific examples, but here is a good one that was long enough ago: when h.o.t broke up, moon hee jun came out with a rock solo project right? and everyone thinks that sme let him do that because he was in h.o.t and is marketable by association, right? well go back to my first sentence, nothing is the artist’s decision. so then why did they put something out that was completely unmarketable? and then, they reported a profit on it. but if that’s true, why didn’t he stay with sme?
another one: zhang liyin. they said they debuted her to boosts sme’s popularity in china right? they said the chinese music industry would soon be the same as the american music industry in profitability. not only was that dead wrong, it’s not even common sense. and they say that she is making them money. if they wanted to use her for china, why did they debut her in korea first? does that make any sense?
think about this too, the biggest flop in sme at the moment is csjh, but they went to japan almost immediately. why did they do that, but shinee hasn’t released anything in japan yet after almost three years?
sme makes a LOT of business decisions that don’t make a whole lot of sense to the general public,
but they are the wealthiest company…think
if it makes you understand more easily, stop thinking about jonghyun’s potential profitability, relevance, and talent, and just think of him as a pawn on a huge chess board with a net profitability that is VERY high. his potential sales are not even on the table, in this specific case
as for key, his “personal reason” is the same reason why, if he left sme, they would make his life hell. and he wants to leave sme BECAUSE of this reason, making it more complicated. what if he left, but then mysteriously never revealed why or was never even interviewed? that would make everyone look suspicious. but don’t think they are buttering up to him so he will stay, remember nothing is the artist’s decision
and lastly remember, i dont care if you think i am trolling, because what will happen will happen so whether you believe me won’t change anything
i am writing this for those who care enough to actually think about it

lol sme has never officially disbanded a group for no good reason
they wouldn’t even disband trax or csjh after being inactive for so long with a small fanbase. what makes you think that shinee will disband soon, especially when they still have a solid, good-sized fanbase?
that’s the thing, they won’t disband shinee when jonghyun leaves, they will just go slowly inactive
and later disband due to inactivity/low profitability as their public reason, is the most typical thing in these cases

i know you won’t believe me once again but…here i go…
about that girl, she’s not dating jonghyun
actually sme asked her to appear with jonghyun…they’re already working on breaking down his idol image i guess? i wasnt told anything so im just speculating myself
key went to the hospital a few days ago and all that happened was that they had to drain some blockage in his ears….about their injuries in indonesia, they all seem to have magically recovered…no one wanted to tell me anything, but i know there’s definitely another reason why they had to book it back home….not going to accuse them of anything just saying
i have other news for shinee fans though….they’re going to be doing a big project this winter…i think it’s another tv show, the only problem is that networks arent interested yet
i know they had proposed a show with all 5 members but they might be stuck with doing something that only involves some of the members…actually a lot of networks dont want to deal with shinee or f(x)…it’s not the idols faults actually, it’s their handlers but oh well
jonghyun is going to have a digital single out by then according to sme’s plan, it’s going to be a tie in to some kind of movie or drama…by the way there was a ballad written with onew in mind and sme declined it without even listening to it LOL, they just said no one except jonghyun is interested in solo work right now….smh

ok….this will be tl;dr so sm fans only read this please
about jonghyun’s relationship….they’ve been dating for longer than a month. they didn’t meet at dream concert exactly, they were set up
about why sm confirmed it…you’re never gonna believe me…it has a lot to do with other major changes that are going to be happening in the next few weeks…basically sme has just in the past few days been dealt a huge financial blow, it’s like right out of a drama, if you knew, trust me. i really hope they burn hard this time
what i said before is still true…actually i do have good news for shinee fans, 2jib and the repackage did better than expected by sme, but i don’t think they are revising their plan for shinee yet…
they got a big money crisis right now, that’s the reason why the snsd comeback has been so weird, snsd aren’t even doing anything right now when their song is out and ready…right now snsd aren’t allowed to leave their dorms without explicit permission unless they have a schedule and they can’t leave their building without being accompanied, and they are being locked in on purpose
i have no idea what is going on with jyj’s lawsuit…i know someone who has connections to dbsk/homin’s handlers but he’s not answering his phone, plus we’re not on good terms rn lol
but i can only guess it is because sme no longer has the money or efforts to pour into them…dont wait up for a dbsk reunion…even if sme let them back i know that the members themselves wouldn’t have it, unfortunately….
one more random thing, key’s got an injury in his upper arm/shoulder, so if you see him rubbing it or something behind the scenes, now you know…ofc he’s not going to be seeing a doctor about it if you know what i mean..

- ~SHINee is going to disband
-Jjong is going to leave SHINee
~Jonghyun may or may not be dating Se Kyung

act, there are more, about CL, GD, and DOOJOON's GF before debut
but, I only copied the text that mention SHINee !

my comment : SM may be STUPID if he disband SHINee. they already 3 years. why must they disband SHINee? doesnt make a sense rite?
JongKyung - Maybe it's true. eh.. I mean their FAKE dating. none artist dating without wearing mask. Paparazi and Fans are everywhere.

full credit to : 6theory media forum and the writer :)

hudaSuNee ♥


Anonymous said...

wait ? where do u get this info ?
isnt this like last year already ?
cuz , i think i read about DBSK and SUJU plans , along with shinee ,
and not to mention jongkyung ws the new one .
well , hope its not true . and i dont want to believe all the fuking shit SM did to all their artist . well , my opinion shinee is in 'okay' situation rther than dbsk . wtf , dbsk like their slaves . and fucking stupid sm also mking a new slave contract to shinee . seriously , they're tooooo fucking greedy to pay their artist for all their hrdworks !!! curse u SM . btw , this situation also known as the curse of 5 years . i dont want to believe this kind of bullshit , but HOT , SES , DBSK , THE GRACE n others only prform for 5 years , then they 'll disband . well thank god suju pass the 5 years but look at suju now , they all inactive and 3 of them already left the group .
the most pathethic thing is that when DBSK shot a jackpot in 2009 if im not mstaken , SM told the media that its all because of SNSD!!!! fucking crazy!!! and im prayng that BoA will not be the next vixtim because BoA is under somthing entertainment in japan , and their tking good cre of Boa !!! seriously , SHINee should debut in japan faster , or not they 'll be the next victim of SM ! and bout the jongkyung thing , hmm , i already knew before it post in allkpop , because the same happened to changmin of dbsk , SM want dana of the grace(forgot)to act along changmin as his gf so they can mke more scandals n money!!!!! they also use leeteuk , eunhyuk , kangta and too many to mention . not too mention A LOT of artist under SM once left SM company due to the slave contract such as hwanghee , brian , and others . if u're ELF or CASSIES , u'll know that this is all bullshit!!!!
sorry , if this cmment too long :P
weeee~ snsitve much T_T

hudaSuNee said...

wuuuuu..longest comment ever. good3.

i got it from 6theory media forum.

yeah, SM JERKK !!
i hope about shinee disband and blablabla only rumors..